Combera Group

The Group

COMBERA Group's origin can be traced back to 1976 when in Munich Germany COMBERA was founded with a mission to upgrade the sales model through outsourcing solutions. Over decades the company diversified in service areas and geographical coverage but remained committed to the original goal of delivering performance at the POS.
In early 2000’s we started our international journey – not by replicating the original model but by partnering up with local entrepreneurs. We understand the diversity of European space and learned in time that local expertise is priceless when the task is to find consistency of execution in such a complex environment.
Today COMBERA Group is represented in more than 31 countries with an accumulated turnover of almost 300 million Euro and 48.000 people representing professionalism and passion on the shop-floor. By providing a single point of entry into Europe we are able to execute multinational projects to local and regional markets considering special requirements for each individual environment. We understand the global demands of our clients and transform them into consistent and qualitative actions. A dedicated team of regional leaders and local experts will ensure state of the art implementation.  
We constantly learn from each other and share best practices across the markets. Over years we managed how to transform this knowledge into valuable advice for our partners. This is the secret behind the long lasting collaboration with most clients which in some cases exceeds two decades.
But this is not the only driver behind our growth. Our companies contributed constantly to the development of the industry by bringing innovations to the outsourcing and sales models.
We benefit from the fact that our expansion has been supported with own resources which allowed us to preserve and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit both locally and as a Group.
We think sales.
COMBERA Group Team